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Resources from Shaker Heights High School Family Health and Wellness Presentation

Shaker Family Health and Wellness


As we make our way through a very different fall, remember there are still meaningful ways to learn, engage, help and connect in Shaker. See below for MANY opportunities to plug in! 



Governor DeWine announced that the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has partnered with Governor DeWine’s Children’s Initiative to provide financial support to families who may need supplemental assistance outside of what is provided by their child's Individualized Education Programs (IEP). Learning Aid Ohio was created to connect tutors, aides, or in-home providers who can offer distance learning support for students with disabilities on IEPs. The primary goal of Learning Aid Ohio is to provide opportunities for meaningful educational experiences for students on IEPs learning full-time on a digital platform.  Applications can be submitted at


Bellefaire JCB Virtual Parent Support Series

The Bellefaire JCB Virtual Parent Support Series on November 17 at 7 pm is Socializing During the Winter Months and Managing Holiday Stress/Changes. Zoom link:


Equity in PTO Fundraising and Funding

We are embarking on a new initiative, to look at how PTO raises and allocates funds, and if we are equitable across the district. Our work will include an analysis of how and why we raise money, ways we allocate funds, discrepancies between buildings, and new ways to partner. If you have questions or are interested in joining us in this work, please email



Shaker Police Family Safety Roster 

The new Shaker Heights Police Department "Family Safety Roster" provides information to the safety forces when responding to the homes of Shaker Heights residents who are autistic or have other cognitive disorders, is now available. Complete the online survey please complete the Family Safety Questionnaire that will help the city safety forces when responding to emergencies at your home.





Shaker Engagement with The 1619 Project

Want to learn alongside your Shaker student? NewONEShaker and The Shaker Heights Public Library are pleased to announce "Shaker Engagement with The 1619 Project," a 4-week series focused on The New York Times Magazine project and podcast which aims to reframe the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative. The Shaker series will include an examination on the effects of slavery in American schools, with district leaders. For more information and to register, click here


Sears Think[box] at Case Western Reserve University is open for remote services

If you have a creative process and need some help with laser cutting, 3D printing, a metal shop or wood shop project, look into the remote services offered by Sears think[box}. Sears think[box] must remain closed to in-person use by community members at least through December 2020. However, in the interim, we strive to continue serving our community by offering remote services. Materials and other consumables will remain the responsibility of the user. We want to serve as many people as possible, but we must also consider what is feasible. See the flyer for more info  

Remote Virtual Tour Schedule:

Nov 10, 2020 - 6pm to 6:45pm

Join us via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Visit our website for more info:




The Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute (CCYWI) provides professional development programming for the diverse youth serving work force. We utilize a theory into practice approach that is based on research, evidence based and evidence informed models, and best and promising practices. We encourage CCYWI participants to develop networks with one another to share and develop successful practices and to support the work of others in the field. See opportunities for workshops here

Shaker Youth Center

The Shaker Heights Youth Center has distinguished itself as a leader in the field of community social service by fostering the emotional, behavioral, and developmental well being of a diverse spectrum of youth in the Shaker community. The Youth Center offers programs serving school-aged youth and their families with services that include academic support, behavioral intervention, leadership development, mentoring, student assistance, and other prevention services.

Don't Miss PK-8 CommUnity Building Opportunities

We are committed to building a more supportive and beloved community during these challenging times. Through our coordinated PK-8th Grade initiative, caregivers should be able to better connect with each other and their child’s teachers & school. Read more and sign up here.


Neighbor Notes is a new weekly digital publication to keep our community connected, and a collaboration between many Shaker organizations – the Library, Recreation Department, City, New One Shaker, SAMS, faith organizations and others. Bookmark and check Neighbor Notes every Monday for a new update: 





See PTO Council's YouTube Channel for recordings of building meetings and presentations.